Thursday, June 5, 2014

The man behind the photos

Index Braille has recently released the newest model of our Acoustic Hoods for the Everest-D and Basic-D V4 series. 

Petter Löfstedt, a local world class photographer, used Index Braille's on-site photography studio in order to bring the new Accessories alive.


Petter Löfstedt


The photographing of the new Acoustic Hoods was a two day process, Petter stated that "The challenge was that the products are reflective, transparent, and rounded." In order for him to respond to this challenge he was required to mask the light to reflect where it was needed. The final results are stunning.

Index Braille prides itself upon new and modern product design in which offers customers easy-to-use user interface and product functionality soley developed after customer demand.

Additionally, by providing stylish quality photographs of the Acoustic Hoods, we are able to offer consumers the opportunity to appreciate the products as if they were right in front of them.

The new Index Braille Acoustic Hoods provide a cost effective solution for housing the natural noise made when embossing Braille with a braille embosser. The improved design offers over a 90% noise reduction.

To see the final photo results visit

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